Botanical Artistry with Jacqueline Maloney

​In the Forest with Pages to Fill  - the curious naturalist and their journal

Saturdays // 11am - 3pm // July 8 - August 5

Overview: This is an outdoor class in which we will explore the art of field journaling. Naturalists, for centuries, have kept journals as records of their direct experiences with their subjects. This method of documentation is one dependent upon our expanding awareness of our surroundings and our willingness to tune into any or all of our senses. Waking up our senses and learning to listen to them is how we discover patterns in nature and begin to interpret them, in order to answer questions about our world and understand our place in it. Each student will have the opportunity to steer their own ship through this journey, by choosing a focus or line of inquiry for their journal.

Over 5 classes, we will play with a variety of creative processes that will bring our journals, and hopefully ourselves, into a state of vibrancy that reflects the multitude of textures, forms and colors of the forest. We will engage our senses in new ways, through meditation games and different methods of observation. We’ll play with natural dyes, flower and leaf pressing, rubbings, and writing exercises. We’ll spend some time experimenting with basic drawing techniques (for both the left and right sides of the brain) and an introduction to botanical illustration. With several guest teachers and speakers, we will look at the forest through many unique lenses, from the microscopic world of root hairs and soil, to the macroscopic world of weather and climate change.

July 8: Discovering Treasure Everywhere
Meet and greet, introduction to open-eyed meditation, natural (plant and mushroom) dyes workshop with papers. Free-writing, free-drawing.

July 15: Making Space
Walking meditation. Writing as a method of awareness and connection. Bind simple journals with natural dyed paper. Introduction to drawing: elements of drawing, materials, and basic techniques.

July 22: Dirt, Bark + Leaves
Personal observation time/following our questions. Tracings and rubbings. Basic tree ID. Plant press. Intro to the story of soil.

July 29: Plant Portraits
Sensory awareness exercises, personal observation. Intro to botanical drawing. Botanical patterns and structures.

August 5: Waking Up to Home
Personal observation time. Embroidery and sewn-in specimens. Roundtable discussion with guest contributors: How can we use nature awareness as a tool for transformation: personally, culturally, environmentally? Where do we go from here? Time to share our journals and the results of our journeys as a group.

Cost: $225
​*(does not include a $20 materials fee)

Various wooded locations in the Asheville Area

Special Notes:  Keep in mind that there will be some hiking involved.  Please make sure you can carry a pack for lunch, water, and your journal.

Instructor Bio: ​Jacqueline Maloney received her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in 2011, with a double major in studio art and art history.  In the late Spring of 2010 she joined students from New York University for the Bohemian Workshops at Prague and Artmill in the Czech Republic.  Following the residency, she went to San Francisco to intern with artist Phillip Hua.  In Philadelphia she organized multidisciplinary art events with a collective co-created with several other local artists.  In the winter of 2011, she visited southeastern Spain to participate in La Fragua's opening of their residency program.  

She came to Asheville in 2012 with a group of artists, musicians and writers, seeking to establish a mobile arts collective using the 1964 GM coach bus they had purchased.  While the original vision did not last more than six months, the people of the Asheville area enchanted Jacqueline, with their growing knowledge of sustainable lifestyles, land stewardship, wild medicinal plants, and local food economies.

She learned to make her own ink and dyes, and continues to explore techniques for making more of the materials she uses to paint.  She also still enjoys working closely with the community to organize multigenre art shows and design new classes and workshops.

One day she hopes to acquire land and fill it with gardens, food forests, and a robust, diverse ecosystem, invite students to learn about, observe, and create there, and walk through the forest to a solitary studio daily.  For now, she enjoys her life in a broken down school bus with a little garden and national forest a few miles down the road, and her loft studio in the city.

Jacqueline's art may be seen at Flow Gallery in Marshall, NC and at her studio at the Phil Mechanic building in Asheville's River Arts District.