I offer holistic consultations incorporating Chinese and Eclectic traditions alongside the insights of modern medicine. Most of the herbs used in my practice have been gathered locally.

During a consultation, we will look at many contributing factors to health and disease and use the diagnostic techniques of Chinese medicine as well as considering disease conditions through the western medical perspective. Each individual is unique and two people with the same medical diagnosis may receive very different treatments.

In Holistic Herbal Medicine, we don't just treat the disease, we treat the person who has the disease.

More than simply relieving symptoms, Holistic Herbal Medicine is about looking at the whole person to find a pattern of imbalance, and treating that root cause. This clinical evaluation determines individual areas of strength and deficiency.

By working on this level, a sense of wholeness and well-being can be achieved that is much greater than simply the lack of illness - the whole person is nourished and brought into balance. Instead of attacking disease, herbalists feed the person who has the disease so that their own natural, powerful defenses can come to the fore.

Consultations are currently $90 for an initial hour and a half consultation, and $60 for follow-up visits. Prices are going up to $120 for an initial and $90 for a follow-up beginning March 15, 2015. Clients receive a discount on medicinal blends ($8 per ounce of tincture). In the interest of making health care affordable to all, there are sliding scale or barter opportunities available. Click here for more information of to make an appointment.
CoreyPine is now seeing clients at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, in the River Arts District.

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