DIY Herbal Syrups and Oxymels

Monday, June 25 // 6pm - 9pm // $35

​Remember what Mary Poppins said about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down? Well it’s true of herbs, too, for kids and adults. Our herbs don’t have to be bitter (unless you want them to, but that’s a different class) or choked down. Our family drinks elderberry syrup every day and it keeps away those nasty bugs. Did you know that elderberry is a  native super food you can grow, and it can prevent the flu virus from infecting our cells? It’s also so much cheaper to make it yourself!

Perhaps you’ve never even heard of the elusive oxymel. It’s a little used or taught, but easy to make formula - a decoction (simmered tea) with vinegar and honey, and it's incredibly tasty. This is a great way to preserve decoctions, so you don’t have take the time to make them so often. We’ll talk about the different methods of making oxymels and how they can be used to treat common ailments... making an oxymel with willow bark for pain, or cough syrup oxymel with cherry bark.  Modern medicine used the original recipes of herbal folk medicine for their present-day version of oxymels.  Why rely on non-organic manufactured over-the-counter remedies when you can make your own from the abundance of nature?

In this hands-on class, you'll learn to make syrups and oxymels and take home your own recipes and tips to make your own locally harvested cough and elderberry syrups. And at the end of the day, you'll leave with your own samples to taste and take home.  

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine
606 New Leicester Highway, Suite F
Asheville, NC 28787

​About the Instructor: Abby Artemisia

Abby Artemisia is a Botanist, Herbalist, and Professional Forager. She learned about plants playing in the woods, working on organic farms, an herbal apprenticeship, a bachelor’s degree in Botany from Miami University, and running her own tea business. She lives on the edge of Pisgah National Forest in the Black Mountains of North Carolina, where she founded the WANDER (Wild Artemisia Nature Discovery, Empowerment, and Reconnection) School. In the school, she teaches about plant identification, native plants, and working with plants for food and medicine in her Wild Apprenticeship Program and throughout the country. Her mission is to inspire reconnection with nature to empower a healthier world with many stewards.