Essentials of Herbalism Program

Applications are still open!!

We are excited to present our learner-centered weekend program. Our program includes hands-on time in the field, garden, and lab where we’ll be harvesting, eating, and making medicine with the plants.

This practical class will give you a strong introduction to the culturally rich world of traditional, folk, and “kitchen” herbal medicine, combined with modern insights and data, directly engaging you with the medicine. Each weekend has an overall theme and includes engaging lectures, hands-on medicine making and food preparation, as well as plant walks in herb gardens and richly diverse local forests.
Upon graduation of this 125-hour program, you will know how to identify and harvest wild plants, cook with them, make a wide variety of herbal preparations (both medicinal and fun), and address many common ailments. This course is perfect for the kitchen or family herbalist, and lays essential foundational groundwork for further study in the herbal field, if desired.
CoreyPine Shane and Jamie Sparks are the primary instructors, with other teachers including Marc Williams and Asia Suler also presenting their specialties. Check out our complete list of our amazing teachers here.

Dates and Times 
Classes meet one weekend each month, March through October beginning March 16-17, 2019.
Class times are:
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm
We meet the 3rd weekend of each month.

"I wanted to thank you for making your herb school and teaching the knowledge you have learned and discovered. I cannot express how much I appreciate all that I learned in the class and am so so glad I took it. I have found a very deep gratitude for the earth and plants around me that has been growing within me, but what I learned in your course really opened up. Every day I am so thankful for the trees and plants who live by my home, my new friends."
- Bethany Berres, 2018 Graduate

  • $1,600 - Tuition, due March 1, 2019.
  • This includes all the medicine and food you will make in class and bring home.
  • A $300 deposit due upon acceptance to complete enrollment, which goes towards total tuition.
  • $100  nonrefundable application fee does not count toward tuition balance.
Full tuition is due by March 1, 2019, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Class size is limited to 18.
Payment plans are available; an additional $200 administrative fee is charged up front.

Admissions Procedure:
Please fill out the application and pay the application fee (buttons below). We will then email you to schedule an interview with CoreyPine. Once the interview has been completed, CoreyPine will reach out and let you know if you've been accepted. If you have, the deposit will be due two weeks within your acceptance letter. Full tuition will be due before the program starts (by March 1 if you've interviewed by February 15th).

Refund Policy
Any student who chooses to withdraw from the school before the first day of class, and has already paid their full tuition, will receive a refund of their full tuition minus their deposit.  If a student withdraws from class during the first weekend of class, they will receive a refund of 50% of their tuition. If a students withdraws from the program after the first weekend of class, no refund will be provided.
Weekends of Class

March 16 - 17
April 20 - 21
May 18 - 19
June 15 - 16
July 20 - 21
August 17 - 18
September 21 - 22
October 19 - 20

Make-up Weekend if there's a cancellation due to weather: November 16-17