Herbal Night School with Mimi Hernandez

Supplemental Herbal Education

Tuesday Nights // 6pm - 9pm // May 30 :: June 6 :: June 13 :: June 20 :: June 27


 ​Are you looking for a little extra herbal schooling? Got some free nights? We’re keeping it fresh and building Night School community over at BRSHM in this fun filled herb inspired experience! Each session dives into a unique topic in herbalism and culminates in a weekly community concoction. No matter what your level of experience, our moonlighting Night School instructor Mimi is sure to keep your brain cells moving along the herbal path. 

Session 1: A Flight of Herbs
You’ll have a lot of new knowledge to spit! Learn how herbs work physically and energetically based on the way they taste. Let’s tour these flavors and develop our palates in this sensory introduction of medicinal activity.
Community Concoction: Fire Cider
Session 2: World Roots
All your friends will think you’re so fly! Discover the culturally exalted roots of vitality from around the world! Learn the ethnobotanical uses of these infamous roots along with their scientific research and practical applications.
Community Concoction: Shatavari Glycerite
Session 3: Weeds and Woodlands
Get down with the homies! Make new allies with locally foraged friends! Learn what is in season right now and how to respectfully work within our bioregion.
Community Concoction: Seasonal Weed Vinegar

​Session 4: Topping it off Herbally
Herbal bling for the sting! Learn how to ease and prevent sun burn, pesky insect bites, poison ivy, eczema, acne, wounds, and other aggravating skin reactions. Mimi shares her top ten herbs for topical use!
Community Concoction: Jewelweed Rose Spritzer
Session 5: Minty Medicinals
Too cool for school! We will celebrate our herbal community with a Lamiacea potluck as we explore the indulgently fragrant and highly medicinal members of the mint family.
Community Concoction: Herbal Pesto

​Cost: $200

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine
606 New Leicester Highway, Suite F
Asheville, NC 28806
​Instructor Bio: Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH (AHG), believes strongly that keeping plant wisdom alive is essential and has dedicated her life's work to serving as an advocate for both traditional and professional herbal pathways while building cultural bridges of understanding. Mimi lives in downtown Asheville and loves expressing herself through hip hop. She is the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild and formerly served as the Director of the Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical Studies at Frostburg State University in Maryland.
Mimi Hernandez Testimonials:
“Mimi is an exciting teacher. She combines intellectual rigor with grounded, humorous delivery that is as engaging as it is informative.”
- Sarah Provenzali

“I love Mimi’s lucid, grounded material, biochemical and ethnobotanical background and incorporation of infinite possibility and wonder. I also love Mimi’s innovative and intuitive way of understanding and using plant medicine.”
- Ellen Mary