Holistic Herbalism Program

This program is now FULL for 2017. Applications will open again on July 1, 2017

Overview: This 6-month, 425-hour program is for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient for their health and medicine, whether you intend to be treating yourself and your family, to be a community healer, or whether you wish to have a public practice as an Herbalist. It is appropriate both for committed beginners and for those who have already begun their studies. This class is intended to give you all the tools you need to go beyond treating symptoms and use diagnostic skills and knowledge about specific plants to treat at a deep level. Holistic herbalism is a beautiful art, combining plant wisdom, intuitive and scientific diagnosis, and skillful treatment.

The main focus will be on constitutional diagnosis and holistic treatment, including tonic herbs, food, and lifestyle. You will also learn how to do as much as possible yourself - how to identify plants, ethically gather them and make high quality extracts and preparations.                                                                                                                                        
This program begins April 11, 2017 and ends October 18, 2017.
Classes will be held Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.
There will be three field trips, each five days long where we will go deeper with our forest explorations.

Classes: Individual classes cover plant identification, wildcrafting skills, medicine making, anatomy and physiology (structure and function of the human body), healing diet, holistic diagnostic skills including Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis, constitutional medicine, study of individual medicinal plants, and basic clinical skills.

Instruction: CoreyPine Shane is the primary teacher, with several other faculty leading classes on Chinese medicine, Botany, Flower Essences, Gardening, and more. Check out our complete list of our amazing teachers here.

Tuition: Tuition is $3,800 for 2017.
The early-bird discount is $3,500 when paid in full by January 1, 2017.
A $400 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance to complete enrollment.
Full tuition is due by March 15, 2017 unless other arrangements are made in advance.
Payment plans are available for an additional $200 administrative fee due at the start of class.

Applying:  We accept applications for students from July 1 of the previous year until March 1 of the programming year. (Example: for our 2017 HHP the open application window is July 1, 2016-March 1, 2017).
We accept applications for the apprenticeship from July 1-November 1.
Class size is limited to twenty.  We filled up this year by early December and we had a waiting list, so be sure to apply early.
Please review our comprehensive Admissions Procedure page for a detailed window into how all this works.
**Apprenticeship info below

Please note: A $100 fee is due upon application, and must be received before an interview is scheduled.
This application fee is non-refundable and will be applied toward your tuition, should you enroll. The link to pay is at the bottom of this page.

Further study: This program provides a robust education for the home herbalist, as well as preparing students for our Clinical Herbalism Program which offers an opportunity to deepen your understandings and broaden your skill sets for a career as a clinical herbalist.

Apprenticing is a serious time commitment, at least two additional days per week.
Apprentices do not pay tuition but work directly in the herbal field, helping to chop roots, fill tincture bottles, or put together an order - whatever needs to be done. More than a simple work/study, it's an involved experiential education.
In addition to filling out the online application and paying the $100 application fee, please send a letter of intent explaining your motivation for apprenticing and why you think you would be a good apprentice. After we've received these, we will contact you for an interview.

** Please note**  the apprentice positions are in high demand, and we can only accept about 15 - 20% of those who apply. Those not accepted for apprenticeship may still be accepted as a student. Also, please be aware that although this position does not cost money, it does take a tremendous amount of time, so make sure to have money saved up because you won't have much free time for additional work.
Apprentice Job Description: Please note applications for the apprenticeship are now closed!
​The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine is proud to offer apprenticeships each year to select students of the Holistic Herbalism Program. These apprenticeships are an opportunity for committed students to gain experience in a working apothecary and herbal medicine business (Pine’s Herbals) under the guidance of CoreyPine Shane and the Pine’s Herbals Production Manager and Pine's Herbals staff. 

Specifically, the apprenticeship includes the following components:
● Harvesting both wild and cultivated plant medicines
● Medicine making, from both wildcrafted/freshly harvested and purchased plant materials
● Work trade with herb growers in exchange for herb harvests (usually farm/garden work)
● Precise record keeping as part of a GMP compliant production system
● Filling product orders for our store accounts
● Direct sales of Pine’s Herbals products to students and visitors
● Classroom and apothecary maintenance (cleaning, lots of cleaning, and organizing)
● Class preparation - setting up the classroom as per teacher specification (projector, easel, etc), and assisting teachers with photocopying handouts and preparing materials as necessary
● Meal planning and group organization for class field trips
● Vegetable and herb gardening
● Basic carpentry, landscaping, and other projects for CoreyPine at his home and at the school

Pine’s Herbals is working towards being fully compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, our production protocols follow GMP guidelines. This is a big part of the medicine making that is done at Pine’s Herbals, and is a correspondingly big part of the apprenticeship experience. The opportunity to gain experience in a GMP compliant production system is invaluable in the field of herbal product manufacture, and may offer our apprentices an important advantage in the herbal job market after their time with Pine’s Herbals. This also means that we rely on our apprentices to follow all production protocols exactly as they are written and to perform extensive and tedious record keeping. It is critical that all Pine’s Herbals apprentices possess the following skills and qualities that will enable them to successfully operate within this production system.
● Rigorous attention to detail
● Patience
● Follow-through
● Meticulous organization

​In addition to the preceding GMP specific skills, all incoming apprentices should possess some general qualifications that will equip them for success in the apprenticeship. These include but are not limited to the following:
  • strong sense of personal integrity and work ethic
  • effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • ability to follow directions and to function independently or as a member of a team
  • willingness to gracefully give and receive feedback
  • willingness to learn and try new things
  • organizational skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. ingenuity.
  • professionalism (part of what this means is an awareness of how your mood and attitude affect the working environment)
  • punctuality
  • adaptability
  • good attitude
  • Flexibility!
Every class and every production year is a little different and we will always do our best to communicate our expectations and provide you ample notice about what is required. However, we need team members that are willing to do what is needed as challenges arise. Remember, harvesting requires us to be at the mercy of mother nature, therefore we cannot possibly predict the various twists and turns associated with weather and crop readiness. We expect everyone to step up with enthusiasm and pride for the school and the business.
It is important to note that apprenticing is a work/trade position and a very rare opportunity. We select just a few candidates from each class year and often receive over 40 applications for apprenticeship alone. Therefore, we expect apprentices to consider their work, as they would any other job. You will receive not only a tuition waiver, but also an experiential education that your classmates will not. We select candidates that not only present the qualities and skill sets we require, but also students that we feel will help to carry on the spirit of herbal medicine out into the world. Apprenticing is a an intimate experiential education and is offered in very few schools around the country.
Apprentices also become leaders amongst their classmates, because of the responsibility they have to helping class move smoothly and because their knowledge will grow at a faster pace their their classmates. Therefore, it is crucial that apprentices maintain a positive presence both during work times in the apothecary, but also during class and on field trips. We ask that you be mindful to be grateful, patient, flexible, enthusiastic and to
enjoy your experience.