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Summer 2014 News:

- Applications are now open for all of our 2015 Programs!

- The Blue Ridge School is proud to be a Copper Leaf Sponsor of the 2014 AHG Symposium in Callaway Gardens, GA. Look for our table there!

Plants are our life; everything on earth exists because plants have the magic ability to transform sunlight into energy. Every cell of our body comes from plants, even if it came from animals that ate plants. They have been our food and our medicine for as long as humans have been on the planet. Recognizing our connection to plant life helps us to see our connection to all that is, and with awareness and respect for all life, we can see the interconnectedness of all things on this green planet.

The goal of the Blue Ridge School is to teach students how to see in a new way, using the vision of traditional cultures from across the globe including Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and native plant medicine. And ultimately that vision is this - treat the person with the disease, not just the disease the person has. Simply said, but the knowledge, wisdom and intuition behind this paradigm shift take months to learn, and a lifetime of practice. Ultimately it is a new way of looking at life.

The journey begins here, with our Herbalist Training Programs.

Be Well, and Good Medicine,

CoreyPine Shane
Holistic Clinical Herbalist
Director, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine

Blue Ridge School is a member of the following organizations:
- American Herbalists Guild
- Botanical Gardens of Asheville
- Rainforest Action Network
CoreyPine also offers consultations for personalized assessment and healing.

Pine's Herbals are all hand-made, mostly from locally gathered plants.
We are a strong supporter of the NC Herb Association, of which CoreyPine is a board member, and highly recommend their herbal cookbook, which can be found here:
Herbal Cookbook

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What's happening at the Blue Ridge School...

September 6
Harvest Conference of Organic Growers School
Learn the Trees to Know The Woods

September 11, 18, and 25
Women's Health Series
Three Thursdays, 6-9pm
With Sandi Ford
Register Here

November 6 - 9
AHG Symposium
Callaway Gardens, GA
BRSHM is sponsoring this event

"A Journey into the Healing Plants: A Deeper Look at the American Materia Medica" webinar is for sale! This 6-week series explores the 25 most useful American plants. The recording and Powerpoint slides are available here:
Purchase Now
To watch a free webinar on Bioregional Herbalism with Director CoreyPine Shane, check out Sylvan Botanicals
Bioregional Herbalism Webinar

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