Refunds and Payment Plans
Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine is passionate about sharing herbal knowledge.   

Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine is a small business and we rely on tuition payments in order to offer our classes and programs.  Please understand we do not issue refunds for tuition payments unless you suffer a serious personal or family emergency that renders you incapable of attending.  In the event you need a refund, students who withdraw or are dismissed in the first 25% of course hours will be issued a 50% refund, and students who withdraw or are dismissed after that time will not receive a refund. Students on payment plans are still responsible for tuition according to this policy, no matter how many payments have been received at that time. In the unlikely event of complete cancellation of a program, all tuition will be refunded including deposit.

Payment Plans
In some cases we offer a payment plans so that you can spread the cost of a class out over several months. We require a $200 payment plan fee.  Why? Payment plans are a risk for us because if a student drops out of a program after making only one or two payments, we lose money. It is much safer for us to accept students who can pay the entire tuition in one lump sum.  Additionally, keeping track of payments made by students and reminding them to make their payments is more work for our Administrative Team.