Wild Medicine Intensives

You are invited... 
To get to know our plants and let the forest be your classroom...

When you learn about the wild plants, you start seeing the world with new eyes – there is food, medicine, and healing all around you whether you are in the woods or in the city. See what the wild plants can offer and learn how to identify, harvest, and make food and medicine with them.

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks // 9am - 5pm

Spring Series: April 10 – May 15 
Summer Series: June 12 – July 17
Fall Series: August 21 – September 25

Price: $399 per series
Price when you Buy Two Intensives: $758 (5% discount)
Bundle Price of All Three: $1077 (10% discount)

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Wild Medicine Intensives
For 6 weeks in each season you'll spend a day each week with CoreyPine visiting beautiful and diverse locations – rich woods, high mountain balds, wild meadows, pine-oak forests. We learn how to recognize different plant communities as a way to “read” the environment, then learn what the individual plants can offer us. Although the focus is on medicinal plants, we’ll also talk about edible plants, mushrooms, and nature awareness. And we’ll also harvest plants and make our own medicines and wild food dishes.

In each of the three class series (spring, summer, and fall) we go to different spots and see new plants, and each season has a different theme. The spring session focuses on spring tonics, plant identification, and wild foods. In the summer session, we go deeper into medicinal plants, and finally, the fall session focuses on tree identification and root medicines. You’ll learn at least 50 plants in each series. Sign up for one season or all three!

So take the time this year to slow down and tap into the woods and the wilds. Come join us in our forest classroom.

  • Botany
    • Learn how to identify plants and what to look for to tell plants apart
    • Identify look-alikes and poisonous plants
    • Learn the top ten plant families in our area

  • Harvesting
    • Ethics of harvesting in the wild
    • When to gather each plant for best results
    • Sustainable wildcrafting techniques
    • Best harvesting tools

  • Make your own medicine
    • Tincture, infused vinegar, succus, infused oil, etc. (different preps each season)
    • Wild foods preparation

  • Medicinal Knowledge
    • How to use the plants for healing
    • Plants that are helpful for many different conditions – cough, colds, digestive issues, pain, first aid, stress, depression, menstrual cramps, and more
    • Nutritional value of wild plants

  • Plant Connection
    • See the natural world with new eyes
    • Connect directly with the plants
    • Go beyond the “Green Wall”

  • Experience the mountains
    • Spend time in the deep woods
    • Explore different ecosystems – rich low-elevation forests to mountain meadows
    • Visit waterfalls, rivers, meadows, mountains, beautiful views, welcoming woods

To sign up, please click the register button AND pay either here or using the link you receive after you register

Wild Medicine Intensives
Refund Policy:  Please note there are a limited number of spots in this class, and we accept people in the order in which we receive payment. We encourage you to apply soon – this class is popular and we expect that they will fill up.
Students who withdraw over two weeks before the first class will receive a 50% refund and a 50% class credit. Students who withdraw within two weeks before the first day of class will receive a class credit for future classes (financial equivalent) minus a $100 deposit. Because this class will most likely fill up and we depend on this income, we cannot offer refunds after the class has begun. Thank you for understanding.
About the Instructor
CoreyPine Shane, RH (AHG), Holistic Clinical Herbalist, is Director of the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and has been helping clients since the early 1990s by artfully blending Chinese and Western herbal traditions with a focus on local plants. As a seasoned wildcrafter, he has extensive knowledge of local plant identification as well as medicine making. He is an expert on herbal first aid, an experienced Street Medic and Wilderness First Responder.

He has taught and led plant walks across the country, including the Medicines from the Earth Symposium, International Herb Symposium, Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, AHG Symposium, Wild Herb Weekend, Midwest Herb Fest, and the Montana Herb Gathering. He has written extensively on herbal medicine and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. CoreyPine believes that laughter is an essential part of any medicine chest, which is why he is a part of the “Wise Guy” school of healing.