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Archetype + Aroma with Katie Vie

Archetype + Aroma with Katie Vie

Six Mondays from 6pm – 8:30pm (May 4, 11, 18, 26, June 1, 8). 
Cost: $300 (includes the materials fee)
Materials include scent strips, handouts, oils, carriers, bottles & jars, and 37-page workbook used in class.

Intuition and the ability to read symbols are important skill sets for a medicine maker. Join Katie Vie for this unique class offering where you will deepen your relationship with aromatic botanicals, hone your intuition, and learn to blend potent medicine for the spirit. This class is grounded in botanical anatomy and inspired by the relationship of humans and plants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to read 8 specific plant structures as archetypes
  • Educate your olfactory palette with a Materia Medica of at least 24 aromatic botanical extracts (essentials oils, absolutes, etc)
  • Learn techniques for blending elegant and effective aromatherapy preparations
  • Experience ceremony in each class
  • Learn alternative Aromatherapy applications unique to Katie Vie’s work, like anointing and scrying.

Weekly Classes

Module 1 // May 4 // Introduction to Mystical Aromatherapy
Lab: aromatic scrying for Spring Equinox
Take-home product: Scrying synergy | 5 ml glass vial of organic essential oil

Module 2 // May 11 // ROOTS and WOOD
Lab: anointing oil for channeling
Take-home product: Channeling anointing oil | 1 dram bottle of organic jojoba oil and organic essential oils

Module 3 // May 18 // FLOWERS and RESIN
Lab: salve for healing & love
Take-home product: Healing Salve | 2 oz glass jar of salve blended with beeswax, organic sunflower oil and organic essential oils (including precious flower extracts)

Module 4 // May 26 // LEAVES and FRUIT
Lab: soaking salts for protection
Take-home product: Protection bathing salts | 8 ox amber glass jar with organic essential oils, plant material, and seas salt

Module 5 // June 1 // HERBS and SEEDS
Lab: energy clearing spray
Take-home product: Shift Spray | 2 oz amber glass spray bottle with organic essential oils, sea salt, and distilled water

Module 6 // June 8 // Esoteric diagnostics, blending, and self-care
Lab: concocting for others
Take-home products: 1-2 products or formulas crafted by fellow students to address your specific needs. Packaging and materials will consist of those used previously in class.

~ Please note that start times are strict because we start with an opening meditation and ceremony ~

At this time, we are unable to offer refunds if you cancel.

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About the Instructor: Katie Vie

I’ve been a teacher of healing arts since 2005. Having taught dozens of students since then, I’m honored that many of them continue to seek me out for my unique approach and perspective.

My experience is also grounded in more than two decades as a massage therapist. Fluent in the subtle language of the body, I hold space for healing and growth with mastery and ease.

Currently, I work from my hometown of Asheville, NC blending oils, teaching, and facilitating ritual.  My apothecary classroom, a space I designed and built, is nestled in the eastern woods of town.

I’m a teacher, an anointress,  a concoctress, and a ritualist.

river island apothecary is a culmination of my life’s studies.

My love of ritual and women’s circles began as a kid in Girl Scouts. I studied symbolism through a literature degree, and the healing arts as a massage therapist. I indulged my love of scent with Aromatherapy and the art of botanical perfumery. And, I participated in a school for “women’s mysteries” aka ritual.

I’ve lived off the grid, traveled thousands of miles on the back of a motorcycle, and followed my heart as an artist guided by plants and magic.

My signature anointing oils and mystical curriculum embodies all of this.

reverence, healing, adventure, and the poetic wisdom of nature

I’m a guide for those wanting to breathe life into their mystical nature without loosing touch with their day-to-day reality.

I am incredibly grateful to Katie and all that she offers… she teaches birthright medicine in a way no one else does. She’s a gem, and what she brings to the heart is nothing short of spectacular and miraculous. Don’t miss the opportunity to know yourself through Katie’s eyes. .