Herbs for Anxiety Online Class

Herbs for Anxiety – Overview

In this approximately hour and a half long video lesson, registered herbalist (AHG)Passionflower with bee and teacher CoreyPine Shane shares the best alternative remedies for immediate and long-term anxiety relief. This lesson covers 14 herbs for anxiety, when to use them, and how to use them for best results, and includes beautifully designed and organized resources with even more information including materia medica for each herb and steps for identifying and removing problem foods from your diet.


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Herbs for Anxiety Resource

The herbs for anxiety resource provides supplemental information to the video lesson. It includes materia medica for 14 herbs, a dosage chart including all the herbs covered in the video lesson, lifestyle recommendations, a list of herbal anxiety formulas, recommended books, and opportunities to learn more about herbal medicine. 


Popular Herbal Preparations

This bonus resource describes popular ways herbs are prepared and offered and why you might choose one preparation over another. This is a helpful guide for any beginner, providing both foundational knowledge of herbal preparations and practical advice like where to find them and how to use them. Discover different types of internal and external applications and learn the difference between a tincture and a glycerite, a salve and a balm, an infusion and a decoction, and an infused oil and a liniment.


In this Class You’ll Learn:

  • How common anxiety is and herbal allies you can turn to for immediate relief and for long-term care of your nervous system.
  • 14 herbs to help alleviate anxiety including acute herbs, tonic herbs, adaptogens, nervines, and more!
  • Simple lifestyle choices to improve your mood and manage stress.
  • When to use a tincture, glycerite, liniment, infused oil, and salve/balm, including what herbs work best in each form.
  • How to manage anxiety long-term and the best alternative remedies for dealing with life’s stressors.

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