Wild Medicine Internship

Registrations for our internships are now open, AND the Spring program is already full. We are starting a waitlist, and there is still some room left in the Fall program.


When you learn about the wild plants, you start seeing the world with new eyes – there is food, medicine, and healing all around, whether you’re in the woods or in the city. See what the wild plants can offer and learn how to identify, harvest and make food and medicine with them.

During this internship, you’ll spend one day each week visiting beautiful and diverse locations, from rich woods to high mountain balds. We will learn how to recognize different plant communities and what the individual plants can offer us. We’ll also harvest plants and make our own herbal medicine and wild food dishes. Our focus will be on medicinal plants as well as edible plants, mushrooms and nature awareness. This program is limited to 10 students for a more intimate and safe experience.

PLEASE NOTE: We are committed to keeping our students safe during the current pandemic, so we are limiting the number of students and will ask everyone to either physically distance or wear masks on all walks and classes. We will observe all state guidelines regarding group meetings outdoors.

“There is so much to be gained from this school. From meaningful friendships and excellent teachers to a deeper understanding of the world and plants around me, not to mention my own body. I graduated the program with a deep well of knowledge and a grateful heart for all I learned through this course.”

– Anonymous Student

What You’ll Learn


  • How to identify plants and what to look for to tell plants apart
  • Identify lookalikes and poisonous plants
  • The top ten plant families in our area


  • Ethics of harvesting in the wild
  • When to gather each plant for best results
  • Sustainable wildcrafting techniques
  • Best harvesting tools


  • Tinctures, infused vinegars, succuses, infused oils and more with different preparations for each season
  • Wild foods preparation

Medicinal Knowledge

  • How to use plants for healing
  • Plants that are helpful for many different conditions – cough, colds, digestive issues, pain, first aid, stress, depression, menstrual cramps and more
  • Nutritional value of wild plants

Plant Connection

  • See the natural world with new eyes
  • Connect directly with the plants
  • Go beyond the “Green Wall”

The Mountain Experience

  • Spend time in the deep woods
  • Explore different ecosystems
  • Visit waterfalls, rivers, meadows, mountains and more

Registration for the Spring and Fall Wild Medicine Internships is now open!! Register and Pay using the buttons below.



Spring & Summer Series:

May 7, 14, 21, 28

(Spring Program is FULL)

Summer & Fall Series:

August 27, September 3, 10, 17

4 Weeks
Every Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM

Spring & Summer Series:

Wild foods, leaf and flower herbal medicines, spring ephemerals, plant families, edible mushrooms, harvesting aboveground plants and medicinal barks, making medicine (tinctures, oils, flower essences)

Summer & Fall Series:

Plant and tree identification, leaf and root herbal medicines, edible fruits and nuts, plant families, harvesting leaves and roots, making medicinal preparations (tinctures, oils, syrups)


Application Deadline: We accept applications until class is full

$300 per series (Due upon registration)

Please Note
We cannot hold your spot if you have not paid. Contact us about payment plans.

Equity Seats // $240 (20% off)
We offer partial equity seats to Black, Indigenous and people of color. If this is how you identify, feel free to fill out the registration form and email bloomfield@blueridgeschool.org for a payment link.

Refund Policy

Any student who chooses to withdraw…

  • Before two weeks prior to first day of class will receive 50% of their tuition and 50% towards class credit.
  • Within two weeks prior to first day of class, we are not able to offer a refund or class credit.